Lobbyists and parliamentary groups network

New online Tool

  • The new tool of Kronenwett & Adolphs allows the transformation of an index of names to a network graph.
  • The network graph can be visualized and network values can be calculated.
  • The network data can also be used in other statistic and network tools.
  • The network can be drawn and analyzed in the browser.

    Visualized Example

  • The pictured example shows a list of lobbyists and parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag which were transformed to a network visualization.
  • The registered lobbyists got house ID cards from the parliamentary groups giving them access to the Bundestag.
  • The network visualization represents
    • lobbyists and parliamentary groups as circles.
    • The more often parliamentary groups give house ID cards lobbyists the bigger is the circle.
    • A relation exists, if a parliamentary group give one or more house ID cards to a lobbyist.
    • The relation is visualized by a line.

    The list contains data from the 18th legislative period.

    Download the network visualization: