Online Network Tool

  • The Online Network Tool of Kronenwett & Adolphs allows you to analyze your social networks directly in your browser (PC, tablet or smartphone).
  • You can visualize and calculate your network graph.
  • Work with you team on the same or different network maps.
  • Draw network maps in the browser together with you interview partner and save travel expenses.
  • Import network data.
  • Export your network data in other statistic and network tools (export formats: csv, net, graphml).
  • Please contact us for additional information or demo account...

    Try the online Network Tool: Demo account
    Login name: demo, Password: demo4711

  • Online questionnaire

    Whole social networks or ego networks:
    We unburden you in the preparation and implementation of an online survey for social network analysis

    1. Send us your draft questionnaire as a word or pdf file
    2. We will create and host the online questionnaire for you
    3. During the survey, you always have access to the survey data
    4. At the end of the survey phase we will send you the results.

    We offer the following features:

    • collecting ego networks
    • different types of name generators
    • different types of name interpreters
    • unlimited or limited number of alteri
    • collecting alter-alter and ego-alter relations
    • whole network analysis
    • invite interview participants via email
    • remember interview participants via email to participate
    • filter questions
    • geo information (e.g. Which country is the interview participants?)
    • measurement of time (e.g. How long does a survey take?)
    • individual layout design of your questionnaire
    • we are happy to create more features for your individual needs.

    Contact us: contact form
    Our demo survey for ego networks: Demo survey

    Custom Software Development

    We are happy to develop new software tools and web applications for you. We also modify the software VennMaker to suit your needs.
    Our team has a long and deep experience in software development and in the interdisciplinary project work.
    To look forward to speaking with you.


    Map and validate networks and develop strategies in a team or alone. VennMaker is a software-based instrument that can be used for communicative data collection and validation of personal networks as well as for visualizing inner and outer relationships in work groups, staff or projects, or in client-centered advisory services. The VennMaker software has been developed in order to be able to computerize gathering and analyzing social network data. VennMaker is characterized by its intuitive operation, interactive collection and questionnaire techniques as well as by its integrated analysis functions, and is suitable for both research as well as for guidance purposes. Through its export interfaces, the program can be easily integrated into existing software structures. The software VennMaker runs under Windows, Linux or Mac OS. You need to have an updated version of Java.

    Learn more about VennMaker:

    VennMaker workshop...

    You can also book email support: 30 days email support for 60€ (incl. 19% VAT).
    How to start? Send an email with your contact data (name, invoice address) to
    The 30 days will start after you send the first support request. The invoice will be sent to you after the 30 days.